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I am a multi-skilled Cinematographer specialising in unique animal behaviour and creating natural history sequences for broadcast. I am a licensed Drone Operator (GVC), most recently captured fin whale feeding behaviour in the Celtic Sea. My main areas of expertise are underwater, drone work, long lens and gimbal. 

I have recently been in the Mediterranean working on a number of groundbreaking projects, including the first time capturing dusky groupers spawning in the Balearic Islands & filming the tagging of Spinetail Devil Rays (Mobula mobular) in open sea. This lead to the discovery of mating scars on female rays, previously never filmed within the Mediterranean sea.

My images are regularly used in National Geographic, Sky, BBC, Discovery, ITV, and in other natural history productions. 

I am a HSE Part Four Media diver, and very comfortable operating different large underwater housing systems. I have over six years of experience operating drones such as Mavic, Inspire & Phantom systems in challenging conditions, including launching and landing from boats.

I have a huge passion for wildlife, in particular for sharks, which has given me the social media name of 'Sharkman Dan'. My filming career began in 2014 when working closely with great white sharks during an internship in South Africa.

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